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Postby Toshi Thu May 10, 2018 1:40 am

ORDER 003: A shift in form (human form only - if your Stygian doesn't have a human form you can still do this quest, just make one up for them):

One unusual thing your Stygian notices every time they wake up is that their outfit is a little different every day. It is always based off a job class of some sort, even ones your Stygian have not learned yet. They are unsure why this happens, and it takes them just a small bit of concentration and focus to change back to their original clothing, but something about the magic here perhaps?


{ CLAIM YOUR REWARD } Don't forget to add your prizes!
Your deviation MUST have the TITLE of the quest on it (or google document/stash etc): (Ie: ORDER-001)

x1 Order Medallion (+ no additional bonuses)
x3 Skill Points for at least 250 word base OR sketch + colour. Please note skill points are only for the Stygians depicted in the art.
+1 skill point for lines or painted
+1 for background
+1 for every 100 words written (for comic/craft/animation scoring, see general quest rules here

2 shadow tokens (+ no additional bonuses). You can only claim 2 shadow tokens ONCE PER QUEST.
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Postby Toshi Thu May 31, 2018 6:05 am

[ Order - 003 - Solo - Plum (NYO69) - 5/31/18 - Prompt 1]

It was strange, sleeping here. The One who had dominion over the castle allowed them to rearrange their rooms however they liked. Plum curled around the crunch and distinctive smell of fresh hay. When she awoke, it wasn't with her forelegs crossed or her very long and very warm tail wrapped around her. Instead, she was human. She couldn't remember deciding to be human. Where she was normally dressed in rags, her shawl and bare, dirty feet had been replaced with something that wasn't fit for sleeping at all. Bright, shining armor clinked neatly whenever she moved, embroidered with the same complicated markings that had decorated the axe she'd seen for the barest of moments.

She knew what the filigree was at once, looking at it. They were patterns from a long, winding, and twisted wood. A dark wood. She clenched her dirty fingernails into her palms. Under the seams of the armor, hidden and evidence of not being thoroughly cleaned, was dried blood.

It was nice armor. Nicer than anything she owned. Slim. Flexible. Well-fitted. A gift. She'd been getting so many gifts recently, and yet...a large part of her stirred, reminding her that nothing came without a price. There wasn't light without a shadow. And now, here, in this castle, everything seemed like it had risen from a fog of lost memories. The armor was beautiful. Why couldn't she remember donning it?

Plum bit back a growl, willing the armor away with a flex of thought. It was a mystery she'd solve later.

(Word count: 255)

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