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Postby Toshi Thu May 10, 2018 1:26 am

It is still too bright within the great hall as she walks towards you. Slowly her form shifts, pure white nightmares and soft shapes until she takes a human form, but it is still unbelievably bright, all white light and the outline of a shape. She nods, as you feel something tug at your consciousness. You know her, but you do not remember why.

"I have been waiting," she says, and it is surprisingly agreeable for someone her stature. "This is your home, is it not? Is this not where you belong?"

(PICK A or B)

YOU PICK A. You agree this is where you belong.

"Ah," she says, and immediately you yourself take a human form as well, even if you've never obtained one prior, one immediately is given to you. Unlike her resplendence you look almost ordinary, not covered in any sort of light. "You wont believe how unbelievably long I've been searching. But I'll spare you the details, I have so many questions to ask you, so many trials, so many- well never mind that. Let's start at the beginning. Do you value strength or wisdom?"

(PICK A1 or A2)

YOU PICK A1. You say "Strength". As you do, a weapon manifests in your arms, a shape that somehow resonates with you. It is made out of only the thinnest of nightmares however, and fades just seconds later into rays of light. She laughs softy, it is gentle. "A warrior I see. I once too knew a great warrior."

(PICK A1 or A2)

YOU PICK A2. You say "Wisdom". As you do, a book manifests in your arms, a title that resonates with you. As you flip through a few pages of the book, she also looms forward, curiously. "I see. This memory has great attachment towards you as well. But it is best not to get too attached, otherwise you may lose it again." She waves her hand, and the book disappears. (You may pick any book title or make up a fictional book title, as long as it doesn't hold a current copyright (ie: Harry Potter is a no, but Alice in Wonderland is okay. You are also free to illustrate or quote a passage from the book and your character's reaction to it).

(PICK A or B)

YOU PICK B. You disagree

"Really," she asks, and it doesn't feel upset or angry, more curious. "Tell me why, I am curious."

You formulate a reason why. It is one thing, it is so, so many things. And as you open your mouth to answer her, you realize you cannot. For some reason, the reason why, the memory of it, has been sealed away. Where there was disagreement, there is now just a strange, almost pleasant fuzziness.

She waits a few seconds longer, patiently. "I understand. I am patient. Let me know when you are ready to call this place your home." (Go to prompt A)


{ CLAIM YOUR REWARD } Don't forget to add your prizes!
Your deviation MUST have the TITLE of the quest on it (or google document/stash etc): (Ie: ORDER-001)

x1 Order Medallion (+ no additional bonuses)
x3 Skill Points for at least 250 word base OR sketch + colour. Please note skill points are only for the Stygians depicted in the art.
+1 skill point for lines or painted
+1 for background
+1 for every 100 words written (for comic/craft/animation scoring, see general quest rules here

2 shadow tokens (+ no additional bonuses). You can only claim 2 shadow tokens ONCE PER QUEST.
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Postby Toshi Sun May 13, 2018 6:45 pm

[ Order - 001 - Solo - B, A1 - Plum - 05/13/2018 - Prompt 1]

The castle is stunning and white, as beautiful as snow, and it is this clean place she picks over the dark and brooding forest (although some deep part of her belongs there as well). Her hooves clack against the stone, and when she is approached, it is by someone as magnificent as the castle itself.

The Stygian (and it must be a Stygian) asks if it is her home.

Plum flits her ears back shlyly at the question, and shakes her head, trying to think of something else. Wasn't there another home that was only hers? But when she thinks too hard on it, all she can see is the white snow of the castle. Slowly, she nods instead.

Plum clutches her small hands together, looking at her dirty fingernails in concern. Hands, instead of hooves. She didn't remember changing, but she must have. She clutched her grey shawl tighter to her shoulders, feeling out of place with her bare feet and plain face. Looking. For her? Although she hadn't said anything, the other stygian seemed to have enough words for both of them.

The Stygian asked what was for her, strength or wisdom?

Again, Plum didn't speak, but she knew the answer at once.

Strength. She needed strength. More power than that held by oppressors, to rip their greasy guts out and rend their limbs apart. To always be bigger and wilder. To protect those that needed protecting. There were always lurking predators, and she must be the greater predator. In he tiny hands, a small and practical hatchet materializes. She examines the work of it, lovingly embellished with holly filligree, something that might be used for chopping logs for a fire as handily as chopping a head. Worn leather envelops the head, easily strapped to the waist or shoulder.

A gift, she thinks. For me?

But before she can be surprised, it falls apart, disintegrating into shadow as easily as a burned out match.

The other Stygian laughs at Plum, and calls her a warrior.

Plum looks at her between thick piles of hair and glowers. What she really wants to ask is if a time is approaching where a weapon is the gift most needed.

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