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Postby Toshi Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:40 pm

CHAOS 005: Your room

Your Stygian is allotted a small room inside a hollowed-out tree. What kind of decorations will they put inside it? What forms (such as human) is the room built for? If doing this quest multiple times, feel free to design different rooms per day, or do a progression of what their room looks like as time continues on.


{ CLAIM YOUR REWARD } Don't forget to add your prizes!
Your deviation MUST have the TITLE of the quest on it (or google document/stash etc): (Ie: CHAOS-001)

x1 Chaos Medallion (+ no additional bonuses)
x3 Skill Points for at least 250 word base OR sketch + colour
+1 skill point for lines or painted
+1 for background
+1 for every 100 words written (for comic/craft/animation scoring, see general quest rules here

2 shadow tokens (+ no additional bonuses). You can only claim 2 shadow tokens ONCE PER QUEST.
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Postby Baneful Thu May 10, 2018 9:35 pm

A home. Lawrence had never really had a home. Even his kingdom wasn't really his own. There was nowhere he felt he truly belonged or could settle down, nor did he ever really understand what it would feel like to have a place to reside. He'd never really wanted to stop wandering really, making his way across the worlds in search of some nameless something.

But he felt like a place to rest would be useful here, at the very least. Even if sleep wasn't mandatory it was something he did anyway, letting his mind rest for a time in a place where there was no need to really think or act at all. That was what his room was for, and as such he had it very minimally decorated with the kind of things he residually expected to be present in a room in the first place.

There was a frame. Empty because he had nothing of value to put in it.

A bed, low to the floor for a quadrupedal creature to reach most easily, large enough for two but inhabited only by one. All of its sheets were white and soft.

The walls were covered in mirrors, all of them fractured and broken, cracks reaching up and out from them towards the wood they were set upon.

Beyond these objects and the shape of a sink which didn't work, there was nothing in his room barring a window. He simply didn't have enough of himself for any of it to matter. He tried, but he had nothing to base anything upon.

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