[Journal] Lawr's room at Rodney's

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[Journal] Lawr's room at Rodney's

Postby Baneful Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:40 am

Name : Lawr
True Name: Inrencevidiaw/Leviathan
Human Alias: Lawrence Weiman
Species: Demon
Rank: Upgraded

Sin/Virtue: Envy

Age : Since the first being learned to covet.

Personality: To say Lawr has a personality is perhaps to be a little bit generous. Generally blank featured with a very cold and literal demeanour, Lawrence is able to mimic the mannerisms, appearance and gestures of other creatures exactly but with the catch that he is never capable of understanding anything of the reality of the joy, sorrow or fear that they feel. He has always been distant, finding it difficult to gain traction even within Hell where he is treated more as a commodity or tool to have than an individual. He tends to follow orders without too much question and is almost too agreeable at times.

He has a great deal of curiosity and is capable of enormous cold cruelty, he excels at finding the weaknesses in others.

History: Lawrence has been around since the fall and it is speculated though never confirmed by him that he was once an angel. If so he is even more secretive about his reasons for his ultimate fall or what he wanted from SIN energy in the first place. He just seemed to naturally insinuate himself into the role of a torturer in Hell and then had always been there.

During the long war he became known to Heaven as a menace, capable of torturing Angels to the point where they would willingly consume SIN energy simply to be released from the relentless cycle of deception and horror at his hands. As such there are many within Hell in the present day who both remember how they got there and resent him bitterly for robbing them of their old lives. He remains indifferent to this opinion.

However, in the wake of the war and the resulting alteration in Hell’s policies which moved further away from torture and more into the realm of simple temptation in order to garner new recruits he has found himself outdated and slightly disillusioned with his old role, turning his immense curiosity in the direction of the human world. As a result of this, he decided to wipe his own memory and seal up his powers, seeking an understanding of something more.

At present he thinks he's actually a human.

Habitation: Lawrence has moved in with Rodney in Appleton where he is mostly behaving.

Natural Appearance A long pale serpentine host covered all over with cold blue eyes and sets of feathered wings, its skin is almost translucent, showing the shifting networks of veins and arteries beneath. Seems to be made of something blobby and stretchy, able to shift in length and girth like a leech. Sometimes he appears as a mangy fox like creature.

Humanoid Appearance Tall, slender and alien, covered in sets of strange long wings, covered all over in sets of blue eyes and with a long serpentine tail.
Human Appearance Short and unassuming, middle aged with very pale blonde hair, light blue eyes and a Scandinavian complexion. Unblemished and unhealthily thin.
Weapon Long and very personal claws.

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