Final Door

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Final Door

Postby Toshi Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:04 pm

[Nacht and Fest]

Fest and Nacht had settled into life together, although the familiarity of their explorations and routine had left one unsaid yearning unanswered. It wasn't that Fest didn't believe in the Tree. He only believed that if there WAS such a tree, it was unlikely to be a benevolent sort. He didn't trust it. But he trusted Nacht, and Nacht wanted nothing more than to find their Creator.

Going back and forth between the two, Fest also knew, limited the distances they traveled. It kept them from ever going to the furtherst reaches. Neither were ever truly comfortable in the other's environment, the warm, shimmering sands of Fest's land, or the wet, dirt-heavy world of Nacht's.

Even exploring the far territories, the lands of the Free and Loyals only went so far, and much of it had been looked over before by some Mogi or another. If the Tree existed at all, Fest didn't think it would be hiding in some difficult to find grove, or a cave only accessible through underwater passages.

When the door opened, however, all of that changed. It was different from the one that opened into the stranger parts of the forest, when the wind turned chilly. It glittered with promise, and everyone, from everywhere, had come to see it. Then, with a flash, there was an elegant Mognificent who called herself the Star Herald, and proclaimed that she was seeking Children of The Tree.

But for what purpose, none of them could be sure.

"A Far Away City!" Fest repeated with hushed excitement. "Oh, Master Nacht, lands that lie beyond our humble borders? How Far do you think they go?"
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Re: Final Door

Postby Baneful Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:30 pm

Nacht had been restless in the time they’d settled down. It was a compromise they’d arranged, moving from one territory to another, always back and forth from the desert to the forest and back again. The constant journey had made him tougher than he had been, and though he still complained about the hot sun and the need to always move he had grown tough to the trails. He still longed for the tree, still beset by the creeping figures and voices which always made up the shape of his world and somewhere they could both be happy together rather than a perpetual compromise.

He didn’t know what to think of the doorway, finding himself firstly incredulous that it existed at all until Fest confirmed its presence and then found himself filled by fear. He wasn’t a creature of adventure but one of habit and routine these days and the idea of somewhere new and immense made him shy at the sight. The star herald was real too he realised and though he wanted to approach, he could not.
He moved closer to Fest, hiding behind his own ears, his head low.

“Very far, I should guess.” He said gruffly.

“Will we go?”


"Go!" Fest said, "Oh, Nacht, it does get one thinking about the variety of available rainments and fashions in such a bright and glowing world!" He hesitated, however, his nose twitching underneath his mask. "I would go, of course! It's in our blood to rove the wilds and their wonderments, but there, or here, the path itself matters to me much less than your companionship via our travels, Master Nacht."

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