[PRP] A fellow traveller (Tock + Lewis + Melvin)

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Re: [PRP] A fellow traveller (Tock + Lewis + Melvin)

Postby Baneful Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:03 am

Tock wasn't too pleased about the way Mystery accosted his guest. If he was honest he wasn't much of a fan of kitbulls and found himself suspicious of the little pinecone and what it actually wanted from him. He liked Lewis though, so it was to be tolerated for the time being, or however long he stayed here.

"I apologise again for Mystery." he said.

"A researcher? Wonderful! I love researchers, Lewis here does a bit of it himself. Don't worry about the castle though, it travels around, eventually it will be gone and will be as if it was never here in the first place. We wander around, looking for excitement and evildoers. Yes this is my home, though I have no family. There are many rooms, should you wish to join us for a time, we could find space for your ship if required, though perhaps first you should join us for dinner."

He moved closer to Melvin, close enough to peer at the creature he'd brought. "What on earth is your companion?"

At their feet the mice whisked his coat away to the cloakroom to store it.
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Re: [PRP] A fellow traveller (Tock + Lewis + Melvin)

Postby MoonKit Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:05 pm

His fur rose as Tock came closer. "Her name is Saliva. A mogo worm. I keep her to monitor my health. I warn you that she is a bit possesive of me for that reason." He reached over to take her in bith his hands amd petted her with a soft, low clicking before he opened his palms out for Saliva to inspect the other browbird. Many eyes looked him over but seemed reluctant to approach, the tip of her tail firmly curled about his wrist

"I do appologize but ilI was just out in the woods. I'm a bit of a mess for dinner. I'm proba ly trailing all sorts of things into your home." He tried to brushed himself off best he could.

"Evildoers? Are you hired by some reinforcement organization?"

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