Clockwork Castle

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Postby Toshi Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:43 pm

Lewis gave him a long look, and then pulled his book from his coat.

"Yes," he said finally, laying the book open carefully on the table, "One of the most powerful aspects, but not unmatched."

He showed Tock a pair of folded open pages, each written in careful script, one with inked color and life, flora, fauna, the starscape, and the other almost wet with black ink.

"The universe has two conflicting forces. The Celestial, a creative force, and the Void, a destructive force. They're both important. Time and Astral aspects are aligned with the Celestial, concerning the raw flow of magic. Death and Chaos are aligned to the Void. It's not evil to die. But the Void seems to attract its own."

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