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Postby Baneful Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:38 pm

Acan rolled her eyes and turned her head away so that she didn't have to look at Seph as he gesticulated in outrage. It was part amusing, part thoroughly disappointing to have felt this enormous Seph-shaped gap in her life for so long, only for it to be filled by /this/. She had always thought he disdained mating as part of his superiority complex, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that it was more about fear of the unknown.

She thought about arguing with him, but it was exhausting trying to figure out what he was saying and then spend mental energy coming up with a clever retort. It was all giving her a headache.

"You're wrong," she said stubbornly.

To her annoyance the rain was starting to ease, but the wind was picking up. Without the rain to dilute her scent she would be blazing beacon in the night, with the gusts carrying it even further. She had already seen how Seph's presence had acted as a ward, so annoyingly it seemed as if staying around him was the best option. There was no way she could tell him that. She just had to contrive some way to keep him around.

"Don't you want these skulls?" She tried to mask her desperation with a thick layer of angry sarcasm, and gestured around at the carcasses in various states of decomposition. "The ones that you didn't crush, at least," she added with a little quirk of a brow ridge.

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