[ QUEST D- 009 ] A Treat For You

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[ QUEST D- 009 ] A Treat For You

Sun Nov 04, 2018 5:51 pm

Sometimes things got into Lawrence's domain that shouldn't be there in the first place. It was something he didn't enjoy and very quickly drove things out again. It was his kingdom, it was his place and his personal space. It wasn't at all acceptable to have someone in there who shouldn't be there. He sought them out ferociously.

Today it was a treat, he knew it. He could smell the little shit and could hear it moving around, travelling through his city like a rat. He'd been following it all day, nose to the ground, ears flicked back in irritation, but every time he started to get close to it it was gone.

He was on the verge of giving up in a rage when he turned a corner and there it was, standing looking at him, an affront to his control over the world he had created. It was greyish with bright pink underbelly, hair and inside its ears and it had the most smug little grin he'd ever seen on one of the vermin. He bared his fangs with a hiss and leapt forward, just as it also turned tail and ran, scooting into one of the alleyways.

He snapped into action, charging after it. "Not this time you don't you little shit." he snarled, his hooves scrabbling on the concrete. "You are going to regret coming into my home, into my lands. I'll make you hurt in ways.." he swung around a corner after it. "..ways I haven't even THOUGHT UP YET."

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