[ M - 006] Alternate Dreamverse

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[ M - 006] Alternate Dreamverse

Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:07 pm

Lawrence didn't mind classes. Classrooms were more or less controlled, with teachers present to keep control over their often rowdy wards. In a classroom he could simply work, sometimes frustrated by the slow pace but able to function acceptably. What he hated was the spaces in between classes. The rabble in the hallways were intolerable and the rabble at lunch times were even worse. There were no adults there, only a throng of uncontrolled children and he felt it like a heavy dread in his gut.

At lunch he'd often find a classroom to spend his time in, normally permitted some degree of sanctuary in one of the music rooms, where he'd play the piano. He didn't bring or eat a lunch most of the time, willing to sacrifice that would have been spent eating for other purposes.

Between classes though there was no real escape and as he went he could feel the pent up rage flowing through his system, a vicious anger that never relented whenever he felt hunted. How dare they hunt him, how dare they? He could kill them, he knew. He could kill them all with his bare hands if need be, though he'd never be unarmed, and yet doing so would bring the weight of consequence down upon him. It wasn't fair. His life was difficult and stressful because of stupid, stupid people. People who were inferior and moronic, whose abscence would never be missed. And yet he could do nothing about it.

"Larry." someone said in a sing-song voice behind him. He didn't turn around, just set his mouth into a thin line. "Larryy."

He resisted as long as he could before turning to look behind him. "What?" he said sharply.

"My friend wants to go out with you Larry." said the boy with a cruel smirk, pointing to a female friend who got flustered and upset saying "No I don't, ew!"

He gave both of them a flat look before continuing on his way. He just wanted to be left alone. Just wanted to do what he needed to do and go home, but it was every single day, every day in life. It wasn't just one person either, that would be something he could address. Instead it was everyone, so many of his peers, they either joined in or fearfully stood back and let it happen.

He hated all of them, hated them all in a deep dark black and bitter sort of way. He was patient and he tolerated it.

And he told himself one day he would have revenge.

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