[PRP] Snooping for a Cause (Nuru + Lawr)

Purgatory is the only completely neutral realm in existence. Bordering all realms it is the central hub between Heaven, Hell and Earth. This is where the Nephilim partially live out their day to day lives though understandably many prefer Earth to the desolate and often hostile landscape.
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Re: [PRP] Snooping for a Cause (Nuru + Lawr)

Postby Sali Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:04 pm

"DAT was SIN?" He asked while curling up on the ground where he had slumped. He shivered and all his little hairs stood up. It was nice. Very nice. He wanted more. In the future. Not now though. Not while he was already riding on this high. Not so soon. It was exhausting.

"Please," his voice soft and sweet as he begged. "Moa..."

And he wondered if he was allowed to change his answer to encompass all the other things he wanted that danced through his sleepy head.
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Re: [PRP] Snooping for a Cause (Nuru + Lawr)

Postby Baneful Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:06 am

“Mhm.” Lawrence hummed. “And no more right now, but eventually.” Earning SIN was easy for Lawrence, finding that humanity was a hive of corruption and jealousy that was almost too easy to twist to his ends.

“My children will no longer go hungry.” He said levelly.
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Re: [PRP] Snooping for a Cause (Nuru + Lawr)

Postby Sali Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:31 pm

Nuru honestly could barely handle it, sated beyond what he thought was even possible. He shook himself off and shifted into a far more canine shape.

Thicker fur now wrapped around a much more muscular build and flecked with hard opalescent scales that ridged down the sides of his back, legs, and tail.

He took two steps and then plopped himself heavily at Lawrs feet, glowing eyes rolling back before closing.

"Tank ya.." He spoke with a deeper gutteral voice.

Then fell asleep where he laid.

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