[SOLO] Descent (Lawr)

Earth is the world, almost exactly as you and I know it today, it huddles in its galaxy oblivious to the forces which war over its inhabitants. It has many capital cities (which I will not patronise you by listing here) and a long and bloody history. The influences of heaven and hell have been subtle and nuanced over the years but manifest in any number of places.
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[SOLO] Descent (Lawr)

Postby Baneful Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:07 pm

Lawrence felt like he was losing his mind. He’d been so certain of himself for years, in absolute control of his life and that of other people around him. He was wealthy, free and doted on. He couldn’t have asked for much better honestly.

Only now he was going off the rails and he had no idea why. It had started with strange urges, stronger and more compulsive than his usual urges. It was one thing to get the urge to hit someone who was irritating and not to act upon it, but it was a whole other thing to be completely and utterly overwhelmed by the desire to eviscerate evildoers and not to be sure if you could even stop yourself any more. That was where he was at these days and it was completely strange considering he’d never actually cared about people doing evil things in his entire life till now. Hell, if anything, he was an evildoer himself.

Of course that had just been the start. He found himself in addition to the compulsions finding himself subject to brutal and often horrific flashbacks to... well it was from his point of view but it was quite clearly someone else’s life.

He was scared to go to a psychiatrist if he was honest, not sure what they’d tell him or if they’d just lock him up. He’d avoided them his whole life, gaining a strong mistrust in his childhood which he’d never really let go of since. He was dangerous, unmistakably so, and would they even be able to help him?

So he endured, day to day trying to ignore the flashes of horrible, horrible things and the desire to do worse things than he ever had before. It was hard to continue to enjoy the psychic helpline racket any longer, finding all of it unsatisfying on a fundamental level.

He’d started stalking people that looked like criminals like some sort of insane vigilante and honestly didn’t know why.

It was something which was not great, and he worried it would only get worse.

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