[PRP] What shall we do now?

Earth is the world, almost exactly as you and I know it today, it huddles in its galaxy oblivious to the forces which war over its inhabitants. It has many capital cities (which I will not patronise you by listing here) and a long and bloody history. The influences of heaven and hell have been subtle and nuanced over the years but manifest in any number of places.
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Re: [PRP] What shall we do now?

Postby Baneful Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:15 pm

"How about as far as the forest on the edge of the estate and then we'll stop to rest? Just a run to work up some adrenaline. Should help me feel better." And the thought of a ride with Roswell generally had that effect on him and with miles and miles of no one to bother them it should be pleasant.

"Now up you go." he said.

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