[PRP] Tradeoff (Sam/Nuru)

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[PRP] Tradeoff (Sam/Nuru)

Postby Prolixity Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:34 am

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Sam sat back on his bed, tuning his guitar. He'd left the door of his room open for Nuru, having suggested that the other demon should keep him company and offered to play for him. Not that meeting up really required an excuse, since the current understanding between them was sufficient on its own, but Sam liked to play. It was effort in its own way, sure, but it wasn't that difficult, and it was something that Sam enjoyed.

He'd picked up his acoustic guitar rather than his bass for this, since he wasn't going to be accompanied. He finished tuning and stroked his claw over the strings, smiling absently at the chord that resulted. It was a pity that he couldn't use his claws to play with the band. It was a more personal feeling, connecting physically with the notes. When he was with the band he was playing human. But that wasn't a concern tonight.

Nuru wasn't really sure what to expect when he arrived that evening. Sam suggested a sort of date. An in date. Which Nuru was at least familiar with. Just... Not with someone who already knew exactly what he was after, and gave it willingly already.

He was clutching a paper bag close to his side and approached the door somewhere between forms. Two legged but covered in wiry blue fur. Long ears twitched at the slightest sound, in this case an unspecified chord, and he snorted.

"Ya gunna hafta do bettah den dat."

"Oh, a challenge," Sam said, looking up. He wiggled his fingers in a wave. "Come on in. What've you got?" he demanded, ears perking with interest. He too was in an intermediate form, mostly humanoid, but furred and clawed, his ears pointed and mobile. His wings were tucked away for the time being, inconvenient when he wanted to sit on the bed.

He picked out a simple tune as he waited for the answer, something in a minor key, no song in particular. He liked the sound of the guitar. It didn't have the raw and thrumming power of the electric bass, but the music he could produce with it was of perhaps a purer sort, something that reminded him of a memory he couldn't quite pinpoint.

"Ets a surprise... If ya earn et." Nuru looked rather smug as he sat the bag down on a table and carefully folded the top closed. His tail curling and twisting in a serpentine manner. He felt anxious. This was different and he wasn't sure how he felt being serenaded, like really really wasn't sure. I'm not about to let you hump me for just music unsure.

"Earn it, huh?" Sam stilled the strings of the guitar with a hand laid flat across them, his thumb absently caressing the thin threads of nylon. "No hints?" He gave Nuru a bright, coaxing smile. "Animal, vegetable, or mineral?"

He patted the guitar on his lap and settled himself more comfortably. "Got any requests?"

"Nope. Just nottin slow n' sappeh unless ya WAN me ta break ya guitah ovah ya hea'." Nuru grinned toothily but did not appear to be joking. "Ahll answah dat if ya music good enough little song birdeh."

"You break it, you bought it," Sam replied, his lip lifting briefly to display sharp teeth, a relaxed threat but a threat nonetheless. His hands curved around the instrument, possessive and protective. "I ain't sappy anyway, I oughtta take that as an insult." His grin was sharp-edged.

His eyes lingered on the bag another few moments, bright with curiosity. Then he shrugged and laid his fingers across the strings. "You got no requests, you ain't allowed to bitch about what I pick," he said comfortably, and began to play, picking out a tune in a minor key, neither fast nor slow. The music wound around itself, repeating in progressive variations, sinuous and complex. From time to time Sam accompanied the tune with quick patterns drummed on the body of the guitar with his fingers. He didn't watch Nuru for a reaction, instead gazing down at the guitar, absorbed in the music he played.

"That apply to you too?" Nuru feigned a follow up threat as he slid back lazily to a more comfortable position. Tail coiled about itself anxiously giving away something more than he was willing to share. Somewhere around when Sam began and where they were now, Nuru's arms gravitated to tuck behind his head and his eyes began to close. If not for his ears remaining very erect and trained upon Sam, one would assume he had fallen asleep, which was still a possibility.

The music wound around itself and settled finally into something that sounded like a conclusion. Sam stilled the strings with a hand across them, pausing for a moment, appearing lost in thought. Then he shook himself slightly, rearranged his fingers on the neck of the guitar, and began a different piece, something quicker and more upbeat, this time in a major key. He seemed to have shaken off the slightly weird mood of the first piece, and occasionally hummed along with his playing, though he still didn't sing.

It was not really a seduction he was conducting; there was already an expectation between them. The act of playing for Nuru was more like an offer of friendship, a sharing of something he enjoyed. Music was intimate in a different way than sex, and this music was a different degree of intimacy than the gigs he played with the band, more personal and involved, an offer of a small glimpse into what Sam liked and liked to play rather than a display of skill and ability to harmonize.

Nuru fell still. He didn't join in or show any attempts in joining. He simply sat there and listened as Sam worked his fingers. He made no attempt to move until the music seemed to slow to an end. He opened an eye lazily and trained it on Sam until he started again.

He kept the eye open, but it began to slowly wander. He didn't know how to feel right now. His tail still twisted around and around itself as if being firmly wrung. He was anxious still and felt uncertain about what was being shared with him. His face started to flush. He almost felt a little embarassed by the whole situation. He didn't understand why though and worried that if he let it show at all, it may be misconstrued. His head tilted downward until his face was hidden.

The second piece finished, and Sam let his fingers drop from the strings, resting his hand against the body of the guitar in a gentle, affectionate gesture, sighing softly. When he looked up, Nuru was sitting tense and quiet, tail twisted around him and face hidden; Sam startled a little, his ears flipping back before he made them ease forward again. "Not your genre?" he inquired, as lightly as he could.

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