[PRP] Being watched (Saliva + ??? )

Earth is the world, almost exactly as you and I know it today, it huddles in its galaxy oblivious to the forces which war over its inhabitants. It has many capital cities (which I will not patronise you by listing here) and a long and bloody history. The influences of heaven and hell have been subtle and nuanced over the years but manifest in any number of places.
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[PRP] Being watched (Saliva + ??? )

Postby Baneful Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:06 pm

Saliva, wherever she seemed to go in and around Appleton, consistently saw a strange little boy watching her. He was blonde and edging on cute, sometimes drawing with a set of crayons, sometimes eating a sandwich, sometimes playing with a silvery dog. He just kept showing up, time and time again, until one day he made his way over to her and extended a hand up to her.

"Hi!" he said brightly. "Would you like to be my friend?"
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Re: [PRP] Being watched (Saliva + ??? )

Postby MoonKit Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:20 pm

Saliva wasn't motherly and despite her appearance, the misconception of that skill being natural to her was untrue. She never had a great experience with children. Too many of her up-and-coming female stars stopped too soon to go on maternity leave. While she had tried some child talent prospects for commercials before, it was often too much hassle then it was worth.

As for little boys in particular, she had even more of a dislike and so when one came to her directly, she frowned down at him and rose her sunglasses up. "No. You need to find your mother or father or whoever isn't watching you. You shouldn't be friends with strangers." She said, flicking straight the tabloids to read what they had to gossip about some of her clients.

He had the face for commercials, the kind of scruffy rugrat look that made him good for paper towel scenarios where he could tip a glass of juice but beyond that he didn't have much of a future unless he managed to get a footing in a sitcom.

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