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Postby Toshi Thu May 10, 2018 1:38 am

There is always work to be done, and with that, daily tasks. Pick one of the daily tasks below, and complete it however you wish.

CLEANING (human form only): The hallways are so, so bright, and in order to keep their beautiful, gilded gold and white structure, you are tasked with the glorious job of cleaning with a mob and pail. Sometimes as you clean, strange, unusual dark shapes skid across the hallways, like small dust bunnies perhaps. They stare at you always with reproachful eyes, barely enough to take the shape of some creature perhaps, before disappearing. The more stubborn ones do enjoy clinging to your legs, so it is best to shoo them away with a fell swoop of your mop.

BLESSING (all forms okay): In a lavish room upstairs is the "purification chamber". In the center is a pedestal with an ornate white sword glided in gold. It looks a little different to each Stygian who perceive it, as if it calls to them differently. Your Stygian is asked to give it a "blessing", anything your Stygian owns, perhaps a trinket from their own kingdom. What will they give it this time?

DAYDREAMS (all forms okay):: Daydreams of all shapes and sizes swarm the castle inside and out. Your Stygian is tasked in gathering them and clearing them out of the busier forest floor. Don't want anyone tripping over them! You may use any Daydream that exists as your art subject (though it is encouraged to draw ones your Stygian owns!)

PATROL (all forms okay): Unusual shapes surround the gates of the castle. They call them "lost souls", and they float as glowing, yellow orbs. They aggressively swarm and attack any Stygian that nears it, so it is up to your Stygian and perhaps some use of shadow-weaving to keep the lost souls at bay.

RENOVATION (human form only): Your Stygian is asked to help decorate lavish rooms for others visitors, like small treehouses. What will the decorate the room with?

{ CLAIM YOUR REWARD } Don't forget to add your prizes!
Your deviation MUST have the TITLE of the quest on it (or google document/stash etc): (Ie: ORDER-001)

x1 Order Medallion (+ no additional bonuses)
x3 Skill Points for at least 250 word base OR sketch + colour. Please note skill points are only for the Stygians depicted in the art.
+1 skill point for lines or painted
+1 for background
+1 for every 100 words written (for comic/craft/animation scoring, see general quest rules here

2 shadow tokens (+ no additional bonuses). You can only claim 2 shadow tokens ONCE PER QUEST.
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There was work in the castle, and Plum was alright with that. Nobody watched workers. Everybody here had a human form, just like Plum. Many of them were beautiful and brave and impressive Nightmares. Plum kept to herself, trying to stay out of the way. When she heard, however, that there was a place in the castle where gifts were welcome, she had to see the room for herself. It was almost exactly as she had pictured, although not quite in keeping with the aesthetic of the rest of the castle. The room hummed with the smell of fresh-cut wood, polish, spices, and oranges. Bright lights and candles decorated the walls, with boughs of leaves and fruits. Everything had a warm and homey glow, and at the very center was a lovingly made toy sword.

Some part of her wondered if it should have been a tree.

Nonetheless, she rifled in the small sack she had and fished out a gift wrapped in gold, befitting the castle. What would a sword like? What would a castle like? What would...she didn't know whether to blush or quake, thinking of the bright creature that owned this place, as brilliant and clean as sunlight bouncing off a blanket of snow. It had needed warriors, hadn't it? That's what it had said. Or at least it had said it knew warriors.

It wanted them. That's what it wanted. She placed the gift under the sword, and shyly sought to see if she should unwrap it for them. Ultimately, she decided against it. She knew what was in the box. Unwrapping was the fun part.

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