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Your Stygian is asked to keep their study of magic. Inside one of the largest trees in the forest there is a massive library that winds upwards, spiralling to reach what seems like the sky in a single spiral pattern. Every section of spiral has books, books upon books stacked in shelves, and your Stygian is tasked with reading one. What book will they find today?

- Feel free to instead of drawing/writing about them finding the book, write what the book is about. It can be about anything nonsensical, from a poem, to a drawing inside the book (like an "encyclopedia entry" of a made up thing), to whatever your heart desires. Make sure it isn't based off an actual existing IP (ie:"Harry Potter", "The Hunger Games"), you're free to use this book title generator here too:

- You only need to write about a small passage or a page, not the entire book.


{ CLAIM YOUR REWARD } HERE. Don't forget to add your prizes!
Your deviation MUST have the TITLE of the quest on it (or google document/stash etc): (Ie: CHAOS-001)

x1 Chaos Medallion (+ no additional bonuses)
x3 Skill Points for at least 250 word base OR sketch + colour
+1 skill point for lines or painted
+1 for background
+1 for every 100 words written (for comic/craft/animation scoring, see general quest rules here

2 shadow tokens (+ no additional bonuses). You can only claim 2 shadow tokens ONCE PER QUEST.
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Postby Baneful Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:40 pm

[ Chaos - 004 - Solo - Lawr (S-049) - 4/29/18 - Prompt 1]

Reading at least didn’t take physical effort, so it was a welcome break for Lawrence. He’d been hoping to get a look at the library he’d heard about from others in the strange forest, so at first request he leapt at volunteering. His task was simply to read a book, something that was very easily done and the work of an afternoon. It was only a shame they didn’t have a beach and some sun where he could just set up a parasol and relax.

He made his way to the library at a lazy pace, treating this whole thing as a little day trip, which it essentially was. Inside it was truly grand, spiralling up and up and up. It was a long walk and he was most certainly in no hurry, so he took in all the sights along the way, investigating anything that looked remotely interesting to him. Most of the books were frivolous and not quite to his tastes and he re-shelved them where he’d found them and passed along on his way.

Finally, after walking for what felt like hours, he found a book that took his fancy. It was dark, bound in thick leather of indeterminate origin and decorated with menacing looking fangs. It felt sinister and therefore he couldn’t help himself but to try and find out if it was anything like it looked. The first task would however be undoing the huge clasp that held the thing tightly locked closed as though a claw held it shut.

(words - 255)
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Postby Toshi Thu May 31, 2018 6:51 am

[ Chaos - 004 - Solo - Titus (S052) - 5/31/18 - Prompt 1]

The library went up and up and up, arranged in dizzy spirals that seemed to never end. Maybe they didn't end, Titus thought. There were a great many written volumes, but more than that were fictional titles. Not fiction as in the genre, but books made in Dreams, the titles and pages spilling together, Books conceived but never penned, Books half-finished and lost. Sequels whose creation was curtailed by the death of an author. Titus touched the spines of these lost Dreams, feeling acutely that each cried for their brothers and sisters and partners, some torn apart by the world of Reality and Dreams forever.

This library held each, and Titus was most attracted to (of course) the Romances, but he loved just as dearly the volumes about families, and friends, and rivals. Thankfully many volumes dealt heavily with these subjects. It was hard to find a story where the protagonist lived, worked, and died alone.

He faltered briefly at the thought.

Feeling indulgent, he plucked up a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. She had never written it, and perhaps never intended to write it, but she had revisited the now-infamous Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in at least a few of her dreams, and it was this loose wish that he held now, and folded himself into a corner with.

There was no need for a sequel, which is why it had not been written. They had their happily ever after, but he took comfort dwelling in ever after anyway. For a little while, at least.

(Word Count: 260)

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