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[PRP] Mega Fun Maybe (Nuru and ???)

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:50 pm
by Sali
Nuru had been spending way too much time cooped up brooding in his room so he went out in search of something, anything, to distract himself with.

He actually looked clean for once. His dark blue hair was pulled back into a manbun because he wanted to have a finished look but was too lazy to accomplish any more than that. He was also sporting the most human looking form in his repatoir, which still looked like a human that was trying their hardest not to blend in. Tall, dark skinned, toned, splattered here and there with dark blue tattoos that matched his dark blue hair. His ears were also stitched up and pulled in a way that caused them to roll slightly to a point.

He distractedly tapped on the shark tank, causing one to swim over and investigate if food was involved.

Re: [PRP] Mega Fun Maybe (Nuru and ???)

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:04 am
by Baneful
Mrost had been evicted out of the safehouse he'd been living in for the last however long for Reasons and now found himself wandering in Hell's institute on Earth, trying to look like he belonged there. He didn't feel like he belonged there. He'd had to disguise himself a bit, because even with the fact he was a demon now, there was always the possibility that someone would see him and recognise him, after all, not much had changed about him, and he'd been downright notorious as an angel.

All in all the hat was the major effort, just a normal looking cap on top of his scruffy mane and without his usual horns or halo. Just a blue wolf dragon thing with whiskers, nothing strange.

He was sitting on the level of the aquarium on the second floor, unable to visit the first due to being absolutely horrible at maintaining a human shape for any length of time.

Re: [PRP] Mega Fun Maybe (Nuru and ???)

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:24 am
by Sali
Nuru hadn't been paying much attention to his surroundings in general really. Just vaguely scanning here and there.

The sharks resumed swimming as soon as they realized they couldn't eat his hand through the glass. A slow menacing spiral of shark shaped shadows that swirled up the tank.

Nuru decided to follow a specific shark which began to slowly ascend towards the floor above.

He followed up an escalator that was built along the side. The shark seemed to almost drift weightlessly above his head, traveling faster than the escalator. It still had Nuru almost completely mesmerized - until something blue caught his eye. Brown eyes quickly shifted to red as they fixed on the decidedly not-a-shark. He didn't recognize them, but they were undeniably demon in nature - of course he was too, or else he wouldn't be up there either.

He kept his humanoid shape. Leery if this was another high ranking demon and he just happened to suck at recognizing them.

For now, he kept his distance. Staring when he thought they weren't looking, and eying the sharks when he thought they were.

Re: [PRP] Mega Fun Maybe (Nuru and ???)

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:17 pm
by Baneful
Mrost noticed the other demon watching him with a flick of his long tail. It was still completely alien to him to see demons and not immediately attack or kill them and the instincts were still there. He wasn't sure when he'd ever get used to it, or if he would, and he felt as much out of his element as these captive sharks probably felt in a big fish tank.

He didn't say anything for a time, just watched the sharks circling intently before finally stating. "Can I help you?"

Re: [PRP] Mega Fun Maybe (Nuru and ???)

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:36 am
by Sali
Nuru thought for sure he was being quite subtle with his stolen glances. Then again, his subtle-o-meter seems to have been broken since - well, forever really. So when the voice suddenly challenged him, he straightened up with a startle before clearing his throat and slouching back down.

"Oh, ah, ah don't recognize ya is all." That wasn't really all there was to it. "Was tryin' ta be sure o' dat befoa ah go all introducin mahself."

He turned his body towards Mrost as he went to close the distance between them. His hand was held out as it crackled and quickly shifted into something better described as a claw. The rest of him joined in and took on a much more familiar shape for him.

He was tall, lanky, and covered in a thick dark bluish-greyish coat that seemed to fade to black near his extremeties where the fur became sparse before exposing paler blue skin.

Red eyes sat behind a long narrow muzzle packed with razor sharp teeth. Lips tugged taught near the bottom to accomodate two fair sized tusks. He smiled - or it seemed like he was smiling - as he added, "Ahm Nuru."