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Re: Core Battle Mechanics

Postby Baneful Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:01 pm

[align=center]NEVER DELETE A POST![/align]

Never, EVER delete a post in a battle thread! Because of how guilds are set up, it is impossible for the guild crew to determine whether you deleted a post because you forgot to roll, or if you deleted a post because you did not land a hit. It is this implication of cheating that makes deleting a post a bannable offense. Not banned from the shop, mind you, but banned from participating in shop events for a certain amount of time. Please do not delete your post. Should you ever forget to roll, or if you rolled the wrong dice, simply quote your post and roll.

[center]Again, never delete your posts![/center]
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Re: Core Battle Mechanics

Postby Baneful Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:01 pm

[align=center]Battle F.A.Q.[/align]

I have a quest. Can I participate in battling?
If and only if it is an event. Otherwise we currently do not offer battling for Quest characters.

Can I score some sweet minipets loot from battling?
Maybe, maybe not. It is a mystery.

I suspect my battle partner of cheating. What can I do?
Contact a GM and request that they look through the battle logs. They can confirm with you whether or not a post was deleted. Otherwise, don't be afraid to ask the other person. "Excuse me, but am I misremembering? I could have sworn that you attacked me, not blocked..."

My partner calculated their damage incorrectly and refuses to change it! Help!
Contact a GM, and they will gladly provide assistance. Don't be afraid to politely talk to your partner first! "I think there's something off about your math... could you please re-check it? Then again, I might have miscalculated, haha."

Um, that person I was suspecting of cheating? They're a GM. Help?
If there is a problem with a GM, please do not hesitate to contact Marushii. GMs are people too! Don't be afraid to talk to them directly!

But what if it's Marushii cheating?!
Are you sure she's not trolling? Otherwise, don't be afraid to talk to her about it, either. If that's still scary, PM WE ARE HALLOWEEN.

Can my Halloween character ICly fight in their dormroom?
They can, but then during the middle of it gnomes will rush in, somehow manage to grab all participants and throw them in one of the combat-approved areas. Dorm rooms are too crowded for fighting.

Can my Halloween character ICly fight anywhere beside the combat-approved areas?
You can, but then gnomes somehow know you're getting into trouble and bring all parties either to one of the combat-approved areas or the office. And really, you do not want to get caught abusing combat privileges.

What's the worst that could happen?
Detention and cleaning The Other Bathroom would be preferable to the combat abuse.

Can my Hunter fight in the Halloween combat-approved areas?
Nope. Hunter Golems are far too fragile.

Can my Hunter fight anywhere outside the combat-approved areas in Deus Ex?
They can, however you wouldn't like the consequences. Let's say that in comparison, Halloween students that break the combat rules get off easy.

How many battles can I have open at one time?
As many as you can handle. I personally recommend one at a time until you get the hang of battling, though.

Do I need a battling pass to battle?
We no longer have battle passes.

I'm a Y2 about to fight a Y1. Is there any way I can make this fight even?
An upperclassman may adjust their HP pool and dice down a level to match their lower classman's rank. Ie, a Y2 can use Y1 mechanics, a Y3 can use Y2 or Y1 mechanics, etc etc. You may NOT raise your HP pool, dice, or Fear up to another level without ICly earning that rank, however. That is, if you're a Y1 you can't use Y2 dice mechanics until you've taken your exam to rank up.

How can I heal mid-battle?
Use or have someone with a healing Fear ability heal you. If it is an event and you have a healing item, use that. Otherwise, you may only heal between battles provided you have acquired the necessary learned ability.

It's an event and there's open PvP. How do I prevent someone from beating the poop out of me while I'm offline?
Events will have special battle rules. As this situation will only occur during an event, this will be addressed in the event rules.

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