[TIH - Deus] Where do we go from here? - Lawr + Rodney

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[TIH - Deus] Where do we go from here? - Lawr + Rodney

Postby Baneful Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:41 pm

Lawrence came back into the house, his hair tied back and dressed in a set of overalls from where he'd been painting the scrapes on the house's paintwork. He hadn't been able to think about much else and had decided to repair it. The windows that were cracked had also been carefully boarded up temporarily. He looked almost normal in his work clothes if still rather skinny.

He'd been thinking while he worked, slowly processing what had happened in the recent strange events and considering the inexplicable decisions of that other version of him. He'd had a child with Rodney and he'd apparently loved them, raising them quite differently from how he considered appropriate for his own children. It was all very strange and distressing and though he didn't understand the choices that strange other self had made (something that was completely different from his usual personas) he did think that some of them made a degree of logical sense and should be carried forward into normal life.

He went to find Rodney and speak to him about what he'd been thinking.

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