[Getting Started] Designing your character

Out of character information, such as rules of use, custom forms etcetera.
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[Getting Started] Designing your character

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Character Design
Once you have decided what kind of roleplay you’d like, the next step is developing your character.


Naming your character can either be very simple or very difficult depending on how picky you are. Within the Fall world, names are very important having power over their bearer and the potential to call them into realms they do not want to be in.

The first sort of name you will run into in the fall is the basic and everyday name that the Host bears, often this is composed of a syllable from their true name but at other times this can be truly random, chosen from the world around them in a way that suits them. Others might have names which are silly or just a sound that they liked at the time. There is no tradition in the Host world of parents naming their children though some do choose to do so, others simply decide their name on coming into the world. Using syllables from one’s true name is seen as a statement of bravery and bravado linked to putting such a dangerous thing out there.

The second kind of name in the Host world and the most powerful is a Host’s True Name. This is the name which they did not choose but which was stamped into their very essence upon creation, a sound and set of syllables which exemplifies who and what they are. Often represented in a complex sigil when written these names spoken aloud by an appropriately powerful individual can yank a Host thought space and sometimes even time. For this reason the true name of any Host is a closely guarded secret and it is considered an act of insurmountable trust to give this name to another. After all, even romantic relationships often dissolve on a scale of eternity. These names are often complex, in fact the more complex and nonsensical the better, the life of a Host named “the” or “and” would be a woeful life indeed.

The third sort of name encountered in the host world is their human name, this is the name (or names) they take in the human world, if they have a job this would be on their contact, their driving licence and so on. These names are almost always mundane and some Hosts choose to put a little pun or two in the direction of their sin, virtue or appearance into the surname they choose, there is an unofficial completion in many institutes for who comes up with the best one.

Naming CeremoniesInteresting Fact
When a new Host comes into the world either through ambient energy or being born they have their name as part of their essence, however knowing what this name actually is is not automatic, it can take a very long time for a Host to learn their name. Fortunately there is a ritualistic ceremony carried out in most Host gatherings periodically which jump starts this procedure. The naming ceremony involves consumption of a specific ambrosial herb retrieved from purgatory and a trance like state where the Host seeks out their name, this can take the shape of any journey and is seen by Hosts in general as a foreshadowing of what lies in store for the Host who takes the trip.

When choosing an age for your Host there are some considerations to bear in mind, firstly, what species are they?

Nephilim cannot be older than 200 years old, after this point they will permanently die. Anything below 200 years however is acceptable and they do not truly become elderly at any point, maintaining vigor and youth until their body fails. The consideration in this case is what point on this scale are they? Are they young and brash with no idea of their own mortality or are they further along and beginning to understand what mortality means in the context of an immortal world? Remember it is possible to gain immortality through Ascending or Descending later but most nephilim do not know this

Angels and Demons Treat age with a vague sort of disinterest, time is strange in Heaven and Hell and the worlds the Host inhabit are not subject to the same natural laws as Earth. This makes them both ignorant of the meaning of death at times and flippant about the passage of time. Most angels and demons will describe their age in a metaphor about how they feel relative to the world around them and you can feel free to be vague about this also. The only thing to bear in mind is how they feel about various past milestones, were they there before SIN energy was found? If so they will be or will have been an angel. If they arrived much later they might have a different attitude towards Earth than someone who predated it or they might have been born a Demon and have no recollection of a world without Demons and Nephilim in it. All of these things are things to consider when choosing an age for your character.

Most new demons and angels will be very very young, freshly created.

This is a rather standard question for character design lists but within the Fall we are fairly lenient about this, we understand that characters don’t always pan out as they do on paper. It is very easy to write that a character will be charismatic and lovable on paper but another to have real living breathing people acknowledge this. For this reason it is recommended that you prepare your ideas about what you want your character to be to be challenged as you go along and not to allow this to crush you or make you feel that you have failed to keep to some invisible standard, it is the very essence of rp and is to be embraced. For this field we ask only for a feel about who your character is, are they outgoing? Are they friendly? Would they hurt another Host or a human and do they obey orders readily? Simple concepts and don’t worry about being held strictly to them later on.

As well as considering positive aspects of your character, don’t forget to think about their flaws as these can provide interesting springboards for interaction later. Is your character greedy or selfish? They might find themselves challenged to choose between possessions or an action later, are they fearful or suspicious? They might meet someone who seeks to help with these things also. Flaws are to be embraced just as readily as positive traits.

This section can be as brief or as long as you like, though do have a look at the timeline of major events when thinking about this. Was this Host born or created? Angels or demons (never Nephilim as they are only born) who come into being ambiently are often treated by suspicion by their peers, as if they are part of an unspecified cosmic plan. Did their creation have a bearing on them? Did their parents stay around them or are they in a place their child could not go? Bear in mind Hosts challenge conventional family units, some Hosts are born simply as part of a collaborative mass production line for the sake of war or some other purpose.

Were they around during the Fall? How did they feel about SIN energy? Did they take some of it and become a demon? Did they know anyone who did?

How do they feel about Earth? Did they feel like it was favoritism or an exciting new experience to be looked into?

Any number of things can impact your Host’s history, feel free to approach other players to have a shared background with them or to develop how you feel.

It is also – if you are daunted by all the possibilities – possible to have your Host have a blank memory for one reason or another and discover their past as they go along, memory has been known to be effected by contact with Chaos or at the hands of the scientists Heaven and Hell have no shortage of.

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