[Journal] Tracey's office at the Institute

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[Journal] Tracey's office at the Institute

Postby Baneful Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:42 am

Name : Tracey or Traciel
True Name: ???
Human Alias: Tracey
Species: Angel
Rank: The Highest (NPC)

Sin/Virtue: Patience

Age : Appears young, sounds young, no one can remember Heaven without him.

Personality: Long suffering and exemplary of his virtue, Tracey is a very bright and eager individual who just so happens to also be blighted with a bit of pessimism. He does not very often expect things to turn out how he hopes and tends to prepare for every eventuality.

He is despite his natural pessimism unfailingly optimistic about the eventual reunification of Heaven and Hell and that one day they will work out their differences and reunite under the King’s care. This is one of the core tenets which seems to drive him and one of the few times when he displays any sort of coldness is when this particular ideal is challenged.

Generally Tracey comes across as disorganised and a bit unprofessional, from his messy office to his slightly out of touch approach to the human youth of today.

History: Tracey’s history is not widely known and though there are many in heaven who would like to know where he came from or what he has done, most either don’t know or can’t remember. He seems to have a hand in most affairs in Heaven and sometimes has surprising insights into Hell.

No one is sure of what his rank or even his job is.

Habitation: Tracey tends to live out of what appears to be a trans-dimensional office turned-living quarters which more often than not is found in the second floor hallway of the Heaven institute but it can show up in frankly bizzare places at times.

Natural Appearance Unknown.
Humanoid Appearance Unknown
Human Appearance Tracey is almost always in his human form, that of a very short and rather androgynous figure with almost floor-length black hair and pale skin. His eyes are a reddish brown and he has round attractive features and a warm smile. He is presumed male simply due to his use of male pronouns for himself and dresses in loose fitting clothing with a preference for wool.
His voice is melodious and is normally a near-whisper.

Weapon Unknown

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