[Journal] Zar's castle in Hell

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[Journal] Zar's castle in Hell

Postby Baneful Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:41 am

Name : Zar
True Name: Zaraphomet
Human Alias: Ramses Gould
Species: Demon
Rank: Upgraded

Sin/Virtue: Lust

Age : Just a kid (ha ha like a goat, get it? No really he’s an adult but not very old.)

Personality: Zar is one of life’s pessimists, naturally geared towards everything being the worst thing imaginable and anxious about it he is all but a personification of anxiety. However despite this naturally nervous disposition, he is not to be trusted, just as naturally inclined toward taking advantage of others and being cruel and bitter. He is enormously jealous of everything and everyone and capable of staggering acts of selfishness given half a chance.

He plays up his helplessness and emotional hurts in the hope that someone will take him up on tending them, but in doing so also conceals the fact that beneath it all he is capable of showing a distinctly un-demonly attachment to others.

History: Not all that old, Zar is the offspring of one of Hell’s barons, that of Gluttony, sired from his conniving twin sibling but was handed off to a lesser demon to raise in the ways of Hell. This resulted in Zar being primarily taught about paperwork and filing as it pertained to the labyrinthine complexities of Hell itself and not taught anything much about being intimidating or of fighting.

He remained oblivious to his parental line for a very long time and was convinced that in rank he counted less than the most minor imp, running errands for more dangerous demons. It was only on encountering a Sloth demon named Barth that he even so much as began to feel out the potential which had been long suppressed and latent in him. Up until this point he had never used his natural form and on finally coming into his own he began to flourish and thrive for the first time.
Just when everything was going to plan he realised that he had fallen in love with Barth and had to deal with concealing such an unacceptable emotion from the rest of Hell, excusing his lack of promiscuity on simply being a not very good Lust demon.

Together they had children, one of these being a fluke angel which meant that Zar could only look on as they headed to heaven where they could comfortably live. These days he is coming to terms with his children’s choices and starting to investigate the world of the humans at Barth’s behest.

Habitation: Zar lives mostly in Hell with Barth but has been dragged to the human world more and more often of late.

Natural Appearance A fluffy cross between a snake and a goat, with snake like jaws and nose replete with heat pits, long goat-like ears, three horns like a jacob’s sheep. Zar has long non retractable talons on his forelegs much like a cross between a dog’s and a birds and sturdy goat legs at the back. He has a very very long tail which is prehensile and strong much like a tentacle but without suckers along its length. He is capable of summoning forth two of these at his shoulder blades when threatened. He is a grey colour with an iridescent sheen and is covered all over in black blotchy markings.
Humanoid Appearance Long horns identical to his natural form, grey skin and the same markings with a long tail and goatish hooves. He has a set of bat wings and long lethal claws on his hands. Generally he dresses in a regency fashion and can veer more or less anthromorphic depending on his mood. Normally he has human-like features.
Human Appearance Zar’s abilities are geared towards this direction so his human form appears exactly how the human viewing him wishes to see him depending on their idea of what is sexually attractive. If they do not consider anything attractive or are more powerful than his illusions he appears as a tall gaunt male with long silver hair and dark mottled birthmarks under his eyes.
Weapon A long halberd.

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