[Journal] Rep's Room at the Institute

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[Journal] Rep's Room at the Institute

Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:38 am

Name : Rep
True Name: Repirnaet
Human Alias: William Reid
Species: Descended Nephilim
Rank: Descended

Sin/Virtue: Wrath – On his descent to Hell, Rep chose the Sin which most closely fitted him, well aware that Wrath had been more or less his patron sin his entire life.

Age : 154 and newly immortal.

Personality: Somewhat grim and often dramatic, Rep is a temperamental rather immature individual who just happens to be capable of turning his sense of injustice at the world into significant combat prowess. He is frankly intolerant of most races and of most humans and feels that a lot of creatures deserve nothing more than a quick dispatch. Since Descending he has developed a significant SIN addiction which has rendered him even more dangerous than he was prior. His temper is almost legendary in its hair trigger nature. He loathes arrogant individuals and this particular aversion even extends to his fellow Demons, showing nothing but open hostility towards demons of a pride persuasion.

History: Rep was born a Nephilim to a Wrath demon and a Nephilim mother. His mother had been dealing with the onset of her own mortality and in a crisis turned to the demon that she had worked for as a mercenary her entire life. The result was Rep who found himself young and inexperienced in a hostile world which had no time for him. His mother died not long after his birth and the aforementioned demon who had sired him took him on as a new hired hand in her stead.

Showing an uncanny aptitude for SIN retrieval and in bringing out the rage and wrath in those he fought or dealt with, Rep quickly rose through the ranks at the Nephilim institute, cleared over a long and arduous period for more and more dangerous missions. He became known on the battlefield and feared by many of Heaven’s less experienced legions.
At the same time as his rise to power, another Nephilim known generally as Harrison showed up on the combat scene and Rep found that he had met a match. Though they mostly avoided one another and kept to their relevant missions, when the two crossed paths there was a certain chemistry that they could not deny, an eager thrill at meeting someone else who understood what it meant to live on a battlefield. The reality of being a Nephilim meant that no matter how hard or well he fought that mortality inched closer and closer to him. Every battle won was another day from its clutches but still it loomed.

Very recently, faced with his dwindling years and the end of his prime, Rep was approached by Hell, a very high ranking individual in Hell in fact who offered a supremely risky procedure which would either end in his permanent death or in being rendered immortal and essentially a Demon for the rest of time. Rep, on being told that his opposite would be receiving the same offer from Heaven saw this as nothing so much as a challenge and stepped forward for the procedure.

It was a horrible experience, torturous beyond description, but in the end he survived, his strength so forged by over a century of battle the it endured even the agony of descension and came out at the other end intact.

These days, he mostly works for B0nez doing odd jobs and missions which other Demons for one reason or another cannot be trusted to do. He is not liked by many Demons due to his origins as a Nephilim and his relationship with Harrison who survived the Ascension. He is seen as little more than a pet lap dog, but a decidedly dangerous one who it is best to steer clear of most of the time.

Habitation: Despite having the accumulated funds to live wherever he really wanted, Rep at the moment lives in hell institute.

Natural Appearance In his natural form, Rep appears as an enormous tiger-like Host, mottled with twisted tattoo-like stripes. His face and chest are scarred as they are in all of his shapes. He has a long set of sheep-like horns and rooster feathers in various locations. He has angelic wings.
Humanoid Appearance In his humanoid shape Rep has oddly positioned feathered wings the colour of a rooster’s and tiger-like features
Human Appearance Medium height with long red hair, tribal tattoos, bright blue eyes and a seemingly ever-present smirk.

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