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To-Do List

Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:12 am

Cat C
Wonderland – 12 artifacts
1. The caterpillar’s pipe
xxxxxxxxxa. A strange pipe that exudes an aromatic scent. When inhaled from it gives the ability to ask one question of someone which they feel compelled to answer (useable once a day, limited relative to the year of the person it is used on and ooc consent), the rest of the time it functions like a magical vape pen with plenty of mist.
2. The hatter’s hatpin
xxxxxxxxxa. When used generates a fantastic and appropriate glamour hat.
3. Alice’s looking glass
xxxxxxxxxa. Lets you see someone as they really are, without makeup, enchantments or anything at all when held up. Also shows them without most clothing, so choose carefully who you point it at. Does not work on people higher ranked than you are.
4. Dinah’s jingling bell
xxxxxxxxxa. A clear ringing bell which calls forth a ghostly cat for twenty minutes, this can be pet but cannot be hurt.
5. The tweedles rattle
xxxxxxxxxa. Calls forth an aggressive raven creature which attacks anyone nearby, has 10HP and does autodamage of 5 to all per round, including the caster. This cannot be used on bosses.
6. The march hare’s cufflink
xxxxxxxxxa. Can be used to turn the owner or someone else into a hare for a short period of time.
7. The Cheshire cat’s smiling signet
xxxxxxxxxa. Gives temporary invisibility (one hour once a week or 10 minutes 6 times a week) all apart from your mouth which can’t be seen when closed but is visible when open.
8. The red queen’s garter
xxxxxxxxxa. Once a day lets you give an order someone else will be compelled to obey. (Within reason, they can refuse on ooc grounds and consent. Doesn’t work on people higher rank than you are.)
9. The jabberwock’s treasure
xxxxxxxxxa. An old and battered looking silver wristband with some illegible writing on it, when wearing it, reflexes are quickened. This does not affect battle but can make for a very cheaty game of tennis.
10. The walrus’ oyster shell
xxxxxxxxxa. Can make any food eaten from inside the shell taste wonderful regardless of how horrible it may well be. Doesn’t negate poison, inedibility etc.
11. The dormouse’s silver spoon
xxxxxxxxxa. Can repair any broken inanimate object to its former glory, cannot improve what wasn’t already improved.
12. The rabbit’s watch
xxxxxxxxxa. Can be set to one individual and the hands will monitor where that person is and what they are doing at any given time, much like the weaselys clock in harry potter.

Mission- Tulgey Woods

Finding the location is something which happens by accident. On the way to some other location in pursuit of an artefact, some hunters are known to end up somewhere else entirely due to a minor portal malfunction. Your hunter and their companions are one of these people.

The forest itself is seemingly unending, perpetually dark but with the grass and trees lit from within by strange ethereal light. The sky overhead where glimpsed through the branches is an impossible black and there is no moon.
Everything in the forest itself is not quite right and any flora and fauna that they come across is not like anything they might see on Earth. Be as creative as you like with this, all harmless creatures and flowers are free to make up. Everything is like earth seen through a bizzare lens and jumbled up with other creatures and objects, the more absurd the better.
Some examples though are animals who are partially inanimate objects and sentient plants.

NO RESTARTS, it's tedious for people to constantly try to justify the same things.

You come to a grove of strange mushrooms interspersed with signs which state EAT ME. There seems to be no way forward until you do just that.

Day 1 – This only needs to be done once.

These prompts can be done individually or one person can roll and people can collectively respond. This is the first day wandering in the tulgey woods. Minimum of 800 words which can be soloed or back and forth rp. The hallucinations can be individual or shared with characters present able to see it all like ghosts.

Roll 1d10
1 - A small green mushroom, it tastes like a favourite food. It makes the eater relive a childhood meal, including the location it happened and the people present.
2 - Large red mushroom with white spots, it tastes concerningly poisonous, it makes the eater relive a time when they were very angry.
3 - A soggy blue mushroom, it tastes like rainwater, it makes the eater relive a time when they were very sad.
4 - Bright orange mushroom that tastes spicy, it makes the eater relive a time when they were jealous.
5 - A small fuzzy pink mushroom that tastes like soft vanilla, it makes the eater relive a time when they felt strong love
6 - A colourless grey mushroom which tastes like paper, it makes the eater relive a time when they felt alone.
7 - A sickly yellow mushroom which tastes sour, it makes the eater relive a time when they felt regret
8 - A bright purple mushroom which tastes like chocolate, it makes the eater relive a time when they felt happy
9 - A green flat mushroom which tastes lie a favourite drink, it makes the eater relive a time when they felt part of something
10 - A brilliant white mushroom that glitters like stars, it tastes like nothing ever tasted, it makes the eater relive a time when they felt wonder

On completion of this task, when everyone has partaken of their mushrooms the way opens up, the leaves parting to reveal another twisting path onwards. Somewhere up ahead a purple cat skips off into the shadows.

Day 2 –
After a lot more wandering through the forest, following endless winding paths, they end up in a darker, more sinister part of the woods, the path once again blocked by gnarled trees and thorns making progression difficult. In the forest, it is impossible to see the sky and any glimpse of it is pitch black. Already claustrophobic it only becomes more so.

Choose a path –
1d4 - 3 success 1 fail
1 - Caterpillar - who are you
2 - Cat - Madness
3 - idk
4 - Graphic nightmare of being an oyster getting eaten

Day 3 –
The red queen’s castle
Painting the roses red
The castle maze
Final Day -
The queen’s throne room.
Luck based

Cat B
Legacies – 5 artifacts
Cat D
Appliances – 10 artifacts

Dyatlov’s Pass

Multiple days, rp prompts within the EM itself, possible random loot drops (runic stapler tier everyday items).
Things people can have specialities at, let them use their divisions, let them use things that are handy.

To Do List
Fred – More spars, never enough spars
Draw him in his special ops coat.
Do Mask things
More rp with Jordan, spars maybe.
Write up mission with golems and further his research.
Family mission
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Re: To-Do List

Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:48 pm

O mission series - Conspiracy

Polybius EM – Location - United States – Bonus artifact = Handheld game, unbreakable, prone to strange glitches, never runs out of power

Dyatlov’s Pass EM – Location – Ural Mountains, Russia – Bonus artifact = Endless pen, almost indestructible and never runs out of ink, works underwater. Sometimes writes the wrong thing.

Mary Celeste EM – Location – Azores Island – Bonus artifact = Flask of rum, always refills itself weekly, unbreakable, sometimes refills with water.

Philadelphia Experiment EM – Philidelphia, PA – Bonus artifact = Endless timepiece, a small watch/clock which never runs out of battery and can work almost anywhere. Sometimes strikes the wrong hour.

Montauk Project EM – Location – Long Island - Bonus artifact = Telescope, never breaks, never smudges, sometimes shows things which are not there

EM format (can be done as separate threads for each day)

Day 1 – Arrival and taking stock of the environment, nothing supernatural to begin with. Research. Optional bonuses for later. NPCS introduced if applicable

6 prompts -Minimum 800 words, solo or back and forth.

Day 2 – More dangerous, things start to happen

Four choices, each with their own little thing to do

Interesting 1

Interesting 2

Interesting 3

Dangerous 4

Day 3 –

Risky, small chance of a bonus item during this day.

Specialised for each EM, usually an enemy to fight

Day 4 – Final Showdown – Chance based, bonuses earned in earlier stages can be used to move to the selection either side of the roll.

Final bonuses


Things to backup for emergencies

Deus info threads (all of them)

Main thread

Battle system


Questing form

Dorm info

Rep – Important pivotal things, Moonlight, Bunks, First promo

Lawr – Rodney rescue, Important America rps, Sahara

Zar – Barth Early rps

Mik – Nothing in particular

Fred - All

Lysander - All

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