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Blue Enterprises

Postby Baneful Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:11 pm

Blue Enterprises

Rep is kind of fed up with having to go on leave to get things he wants or needs. He’s also kind of fed up with the housing situation, people who live in the dorms don’t buy a lot of stuff and people who don’t buy a lot of stuff don’t spend their wages readily.

So, his solution is to spread the wealth the bar has given him – which at this point is significant – by investing in making the island more of an economy and place to live. He wants to fund basic infrastructure in towns and also wants to fund the creation of housing.

What does this mean for your hunter?

Potentially Rep is willing to fund shops and other businesses, included but not limited to manpower and materials to help repair the buildings they choose to place these in.

He is also willing to fund the repair of larger houses for trainees and new recruits provided they have a housemate or two in mind. They would have to pay rent thereafter to keep a revenue stream for the repair and creation of further houses and the creation of roads/plumbing etcetera. He aims to revitalise a few streets at first and to expand from there.

What do you need to do?

OOCly nothing much! ICly you simply need to have your char speak to Rep about joining in on the scheme (or simply handwave this) and choose if you want a house and who will also be living there. If you are looking for a shop or business likewise except please don’t handwave this without dropping me a quick IM or PM just to check if it’s something Rep would back. (some things he wouldn’t, he’s weird)

The three main streets Rep has opted to revitalise are –

Killzone Terrace - A terrace of three floored converted properties, some are split into apartments/flats and are available for single trainees or hunters to rent, others are multi floored and designed for shared kitchen/bathroom facilities between housemates. There are several commercial/shop premises at either end of this terrace. There are small communal gardens and the whole area though modest in space is designed for community living.

6 individual flats completed at the moment 3 homes with room for 2 housemates, 1 with rooms for 3

Seetwo Crescent – The crescent is a few semi-detached buildings which are too large for single hunters to live in, they have shared gardens with potential for minipets housing down the line, they are in good condition but smaller than the properties on victory street.

4 homes with room for 3 roommates in addition to a living room/2 bathrooms and a kitchen 1 with room for 4 with the same.
Room at the end of the street for a larger business with need for outdoor space or warehouse.

Victory Street – A street with two rows of detached houses with large gardens, these are all mandatory sharing properties with many of the houses having several rooms, basement, attic and so on. They need a lot of work and repairs in many cases.

4 homes on each side of the street, 4 of these are suitable for up to 5 housemates, 2 suitable for 2, 2 more suitable for 4, each has several bathrooms, sometimes en-suite, kitchens, laundry room, attics, basement, garden and storage

All the streets will improve as more people live there.

Rep will also help with furnishing properties if people are low on money, this is case by case but also discreet.

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