[QUESTING] Hosts Quest Form

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[QUESTING] Hosts Quest Form

Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:01 pm

Retaining this for posterity

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[b]Name:[/b] This is the common name which the Host is generally known by, this can be completely different from their true name, it can be a human name if they spend a lot of time on Earth, it can be literally anything they wish.
[b]True Name:[/b] This is the True name of the Host, completely unique and often almost impossible to pronounce, the only restrictions on this name is that it cannot be from a canon mythology and especially not from biblical lore, make something original, have fun with things. You might want to use name endings like -thoth -tan -iel -riel and so on, the wilder and harder to remember the safer this will be!

[b]Age[/b] Host do not care for age the way people do so its totally fine to be vague here. Ancient would mean predating even the human race, newborn would be a few years old or shiny and fresh out of the box, newly formed from the wild ether of the universe.

[b]Virtue/Sin[/b]What Sin or Virtue does your Host ascribe to? These are listed on the front page.

[b]Personality[/b] Keep this as long or as short as you like, we know that characters change as they are played so there is not too much pressure here, just give us an idea what your Host is like, do they have fears or insecurities?

[b]Alignment - Optional[/b] How does your character feel about the War? Do they think that the other factions should be defeated? Converted? Do they care at all? Perhaps they think that humans are the most important thing to protect? Are they loyal to all the orders their faction gives? Do they follow their own path? This is something to think about but it's not mandatory for the form, just an extra which is relevant to the setting.

[b]Description[/b] How do they look? You can describe their different forms, from their natural form to humanoid and human shapes.

[b]History and where they are now [/b] This can be SHORT. Don't feel pressured to write your whole character history here, we just want to know if they have parents, where do they live, where have they lived? This is where you would get some past employment (working as a messenger in heaven etc) cleared with us, its just somewhere to make sure that everything fits the setting and help us to help you have a good grasp of the world and discuss anything at all you might like for plots. Remember that all Principalities are low ranked Hosts, they are low in power at the moment and would not be called to grand or dangerous positions (those come later)

[b]Powers[/b] These haven't been added but they will be!
[b]Weapon[/b] Weapons apply to later stages, there's no need to choose now but it is something to think about. 

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