[PRP] Ambition (Lawr + Melvin)

The Meadow is the heart of Seelie land, where great feasts are held under the sun and where the forest thins out to leave room to run and frolic at will.
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Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:11 pm

Lawrence always loved spring and summer spent at the fairy court, they really knew how to take advantage of the bounty of the seasons and he had plenty of tales to tell in exchange for it all. The kittens would learn a little of hedonism and a little of the fey and it would give them room to grow, it worked out well for everyone involved.

After finding a decent bower to live in while they were there, he'd headed out to the meadow, where the seelie laid out their feasts and was very very slowly eating a bowl of berries at a raised wooden table, sitting on a bench, his luxuriant tail draped over the floor.

"Afternoon." he said with a gentle sort of smile as he spotted one of his wards approaching.
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Tue May 15, 2018 2:20 pm

Melvin had been listening to some stories from the court and did a few rounds of grooming before exploring the edges of the woodlands. He never had been this far from home and despite trying to coral his siblings, even he could feel the buzz of new and strange discoveries opening before them. However, he did find the outskirts more exhausting and fsr from the comforts he was used to back home. He was a nestling and he felt tested by being further from the safety of magic that made life comfortable and taxed the body less. It made him wonder if he was ever going to be suited to go beyond his home.

But with so many distractions he also felt too much attention was divided from Lawr and he watched him and his ease in which he handled the court with a underlying worry that it would being about more siblings. It strung deep.

He noticed Lawr aline at last and came over to have supoer with him, easing up to the bench on the other side. "Afternoon. How are you doing here?"
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