[King] Oberon, King of Shadows

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Name: Oberon
Nickname: King

Faction: Unseelie


King is a haughty Elnin, a little prone to womanising (and man-ising, he's not overly picky) who endorses hedonism and indulgence in the darker things in life. He's not someone very keen on frivolities and can be very bossy indeed when the mood takes him.


King doesn't talk about his childhood, merely that he spent most of it with his childhood sweetheart Fair. Through his experiences he developed a downright fixation on the idea of the fae and finally settled down in a small forest no one else seemed to be living in and began his group. It is the central focus of his life these days and he is completely and utterly invested in growing his little extended family and fostering an environment of openness, oneness with nature and strong art and storytelling.
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